Slides and videos of representative talks
LPTMC, CNRS, Paris 2024
A new universality class describes Vicsekā€™s flocking phase in physical dimensions
SoftBio Theory Seminar, Physics Department, Oxford
Active Matter: A treasure trove of novel universality classes
Biological condensates: cellular mechanisms governed by phase transitions, Isaac Newton Institute, UK, 2023
Conversion-limited phase separation in biomolecular condensation

[Video of the talk]
Isaac Newton Institute, Cambridge UK, 2023
Polar Fluctuations Lead to Extensile Nematic Behavior in Confluent Tissues

[Video of the talk]
University of Amsterdam, 2021
Diversity of phase transitions and phase separations in active fluids
Biological Physics Division, MPI-PKS, 2020
Exploring novel phase transitions in compressible active fluids using a lattice Boltzmann method
APS March Meeting 2019, Focus session on Phase Separation in Biological Processes
Physics of active emulsions: Implications for stress granules
EMBO|EMBL Symposia: Cellular Mechanisms Driven by Liquid Phase Separation, May 16, 2018
The Physics of Non-Equilibrium Phase separation: Implications for stress granules
IPLS Retreat Bath, Oct 17, 2017
Novel physics arising from phase transitions in biology
Universality in Living Matter
[Active fluids and active polymer networks]
Universality in Soft Active Matter
[Motility-induced phase separation and active fluids]

CECAM Workshop The self-organised cytoplasm Lausanne, July 17, 2014
Spatial organisation of the cell cytoplasm: P granule localisation by phase separation
Phase transitions in cell biology
Stochastic dynamics of reaction-diffusion systems: An epidemic model case study
Protein amyloid self-assembly: Nucleation, Growth, and Breakage