Principal Investigator

Chiu Fan Lee
Mini bio: I obtained a Joint Honours Degree in Mathematics and Physics from McGill University in 2000, with an Honours Thesis on Number Theory and Elliptic Curves. I then studied at Cambridge University for a Master of Advanced Study degree in Mathematics (2001), specialising in quantum information theory and theoretical physics, and then at Oxford University for my DPhil (2005). After my DPhil, I stayed in Oxford as a research fellow and gradually switched my research focus to biological physics. I then worked in the Biological Physics Division at the Max Planck Institute for the Physics of Complex Systems in Dresden before taking up my lectureship at Imperial College London in 2012. I am currently a co-Director of the Imperial Network of Excellence in Physics of Life and a committee member of the IOP Biological Physics Group. [CV]

PhD students

John-Antonio Argyriadis

Patrick Jentsch

Sulaimaan Lim (1st supervisor: Dr Julien Vermot)

Alastar Phelan

Samuel Whitby


Postdoctoral Researchers

Dr Shalabh Anand (Leverhulme Trust funded, 2020-2022)

Dr Andrea Cairoli (1851 Exhibition Research Fellow, 2015-2019)

PhD students

BEng, MEng, MSc and MRes students

  • Jay Sivasirikarul (MEng, 2022)
  • A Study on Pattern Formation in Zebrafish

  • Tarane Subramaniam (MEng, 2022)
  • Project: Modelling the Motility and Proliferative Dynamics of Acute Myeloid Leukaemia in the Bone Marrow

  • Amar Dhanda (MEng, 2021)
  • Project: Modelling Clinical Progression of Alzheimer’s Disease: 68% of Demented Participant’s are expected to transition from Mild Cognitive Impairment to Severe Alzheimer’s Disease within 4 years 5 months

  • Conor Murphy (MSc, 2021)
  • Project: Evidence for a dominant Haematopoietic Stem Cell Megakaryocyte-CXCL12 Abundant Reticular Cell-Sinusoid Localisation in the Murine Bone Marrow
    (co-supervisor: Prof Cristina Lo Celso)

  • Joao Pereira (MEng, 2021)
  • Project: A Mapping Between The Renormalization Group and Deep Learning

  • Alisdair Stevenson (MEng, 2021)
  • Project: Biophysical Modelling of the Pathogenesis of Alzheimer's Disease

  • Taoran Feng, Xueyan Li, Nina Rimsky, Clara Rodrigo Gonzalez, Wasim Silmi, and Nicholas Simpson,
    (3rd year MEng group project, 2019)
  • Project: Physiological monitoring of anesthetised mouse
    (co-supervisor: Dr Cristina Lo Celso)

  • Khalid Alfanney, Nikolaos Katsis, Praneeth Vedagiri, Samuel Bradley, Sarah Pizem, and Thibault Mercier
    (3rd year MEng group project, 2019)
  • Project: Physiological monitoring of anesthetised mouse
    (co-supervisor: Dr Cristina Lo Celso)

  • Ali Malik, George Meek, Peter Miller, Joshua Pope, Paul Roever, Kwarteng Sarfo, and Matthew Sargent
    (3rd year MEng group project, 2018)
  • Project: Physiological monitoring of anesthetised mouse [device design can be found here]
    Award: Best poster presentation by academic vote
    (co-supervisor: Dr Cristina Lo Celso)

  • Mathilde Placek (MEng, 2018)
  • Project: Computational modelling of wound healing

  • Tara Hameed (MRes in Life Sciences, 2018)
  • Project: Dynamics of stem cells in the mouse bone marrow
    (co-supervisor: Dr Cristina Lo Celso)

  • Ibrahim Asim (BEng, 2017)
  • Project: Music of the cell
    (co-supervisor: Prof Kim Parker)

  • Cédric de Bras De Fer (visiting student from the Grenoble Institute of Technology, summer 2016)
  • Project: Monte Carlo simulation of peptides

  • Xiao Yao (MEng, 2016)
  • Project: Computational Modelling of Morphological Dynamics in Arabidopsis Thaliana

  • Maria Bogdanov (MEng exchange student from Grenoble, 2016)
  • Project: Music of the cell
    (co-supervisor: Prof Kim Parker)

  • Boonyisa Boonthongrungtawee (BEng, 2016)
  • Project: Modelling the tearing situations of an Anterior Cruciate Ligament

  • George Taylor (BEng, 2016)
  • Project: The Kinetics of Amyloid Fibril Elongation

  • Christopher Morris (MSc, 2015)
  • Project: Alzheimer’s disease: decreased cell control of ion transport

  • Simone Cenci (Erasmus student, 2015)
  • Project: A field-theoretical approach to the non-universal properties of non-equilibrium stationary states (co-supervisor: Dr Gunnar Pruessner)

  • Ching Liu (Imperial College UROP student, summer 2015)
  • Project: Tissue growth: A simulation study

  • Thibault Enderlé (MSc, 2014)
  • Project: Morphological dynamics in self-repairing tissues
    (co-supervisor: Dr Giovanni Sena)

  • Xiao Yao (Imperial College UROP student, summer 2014)
  • Project: Tissue growth: A simulation study

  • Bertrand Lacroix-à-chez-toine (visiting student from the Pierre-and-Marie-Curie University, summer 2014)
  • Project: Interfacial instability in active matter

  • Veena Salim (visiting student from the National University of Singapore, summer 2014)
  • Project: The von Willibrand factors under shear flow

  • Romain Blanc (visiting student from the Grenoble Institute of Technology, summer 2014)
  • Project: Kinetics of amyloid fibril elongation

  • Ugonna Urji (BEng, 2013)
    Project: Cell division by design
    Award: Best BEng project poster as voted for by the industrial visitors on the presentation day
  • Yuqiao Zheng (MSc, 2012)
    Project: Measuring the porosity structure and permeability of the mineralised tissue supporting the articular cartilage layer in a mouse model of osteoarthritis disease
    (co-supervisor: Dr Massimo Marenzana)