Imperial College Network of Excellence in Physics of Life
Biological Physics Journal Club (2023)

Our weekly Physics of Life seminars and journal clubs at Imperial College covers a wide range of topics in biological and soft matter physics. It aims to provide a highly interactive platform to facilitate discussion between researchers from different departments. Anyone is welcome and you can subscribe to the mailing list here. Regular attendees of the BPJC are expected to present on a rotational basis at the BPJC.

BPJC organiser: Patrick Jentsch
Time: Fridays 2-3pm [Unless indicated otherwise]
Venue: Sir Ernst Chain Building Rm. 319, South Kensington Campus

Upcoming meetings
Mar 24Presenter: Patrick Jentsch
Paper: van der Kolk et al. (2022)
Anomalous collective dynamics of auto-chemotactic populations
arXiv: 2209.01047
Mar 31Presenter: Sam Whitby
Apr 14Presenter: John-Antonio Argyriadis
Apr 21Physics of Life Network seminar series
Victor Sourjik (Max Planck Institute for Terrestrial Microbiology)
Apr 28Presenter: Gunnar Pruessner
May 5Physics of Life Network seminar series
Martin Howard (John Innes Centre)
May 12Presenter: Jacob Knight
May 19Presenter: Keith Willison
May 26Presenter: Robert Endres
Jun 2Presenter: Antonio Matas Gil

Past meetings
Jan 13Seminar: Jack Binysh (Bath)
Active Elasticity
Jan 20Presenter: Chiu Fan Lee
Paper: A Testa et al (2021)
Sustained enzymatic activity and flow in crowded protein droplets
Nature Communications 12, 6293
Jan 27Physics of Life Network seminar series
Ben Simons (Cambridge)
Spermatogenesis: a paradigm of stem cell regulation
Time: 3-4pm; Venue: G47A Flowers
Feb 3Presenter: Charlotte Manser
Paper: Julie Klepstad and Luciano Marcon (2023)
A Clock and Wavefront Self-Organizing model explains somitogenesis in vivo and in vitro
bioRxiv 2023.01.18.524516
Feb 10Presenter: Sulaimaan Lim
Paper: Kiandokht Panjtan Amiri, Asa Kalish, and Shankar Mukherji (2023)
Robustness and Universality in Organelle Size Control
Phys. Rev. Lett. 130, 018401
Feb 17Presenter: Ruben Perez-Carrasco
Paper: Wang et al. (2022)
Periodic spatial patterning with a single morphogen
Cell Systems 13, 1033
Feb 24Presenter: Alastar Phelan
Paper: Rodrigo García-Tejera, et al., (2022)
Regulation of stem cell dynamics through volume exclusion
Proc. R. Soc. A. 478 20220376
Mar 3Presenter: Eloise Lardet
Paper: Nico Schramma, Cintia Perugachi Israëls and Maziyar Jalaal (2023)
Chloroplasts in plant cells show active glassy behavior under low-light conditions
PNAS 120, 3
Mar 10Presenter: Henry Alston
Paper: Billie Meadowcroft, Ivan Palaia, Anna-Katharina Pfitzner, Aurélien Roux, Buzz Baum, and Anđela Šarić (2022)
Mechanochemical Rules for Shape-Shifting Filaments that Remodel Membranes
Phys. Rev. Lett. 129, 268101
Mar 17Physics of Life Network seminar series
Isabella Guido (Surrey)
Bottom-up engineering of bioinspired active systems for biological activity

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