Imperial College Network of Excellence in Physics of Life
Biological Physics Journal Club (2021)

Our weekly Physics of Life seminars and journal clubs at Imperial College covers a wide range of topics in biological and soft matter physics. It aims to provide a highly interactive platform to facilitate discussion between researchers from different departments. Anyone is welcome and you can subscribe to the mailing list here. Regular attendees of the BPJC are expected to present on a rotational basis at the BPJC.

BPJC organiser: Luca Cocconi
Time: Fridays 2-3pm [Unless indicated otherwise]
Venue: Due to the closure of the College, our meetings will be on Microsoft Team accessible by members

Click here for the current schedule

Jan 15 Presenter: Maksym Romenskyy
Paper: Deblais A, Maggs A C, Bonn C, and Woutersen S (2020)
Phase Separation By Entanglements of Active Polymerlike Worms
Phys. Rev. Lett. 124, 208006
Jan 22Presenter: Gunnar Pruessner
Paper: Geoffrey J. Goodhill Jeffrey S. Urbach (1999)
Theoretical analysis of gradient detection by growth cones
J Neurobiol 41 230-41
Jan 29Physics of Life Network seminar series
Amy Gladfelter (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)
RNA-driven phase separation from cells to SARS
Time: 3-4pm
Feb 5Presenter: Chiu Fan Lee
Paper: Carles Blanch-Mercader, Pau Guillamat, Aurélien Roux, and Karsten Kruse (2021)
Quantifying Material Properties of Cell Monolayers by Analyzing Integer Topological Defects
Phys. Rev. Lett. 126, 028101
Feb 12 Presenter: Ben Partridge
Paper: Tom Serge Weber, Irene Jaehnert, Christian Schichor, Michal Or-Guil and Jorge Carneiro (2014)
Quantifying the Length and Variance of the Eukaryotic Cell Cycle Phases by a Stochastic Model and Dual Nucleoside Pulse Labelling
PLoS Computational Biology 10, 7
Feb 26Physics of Life Network seminar series
Ned Wingreen (Princeton)
Magic numbers in protein phase transitions
Time: 3-4pm
Mar 5Presenter: Jacob Cook
Paper: L. Shenhav, D. Zeevi (2020)
Resource conservation manifests in the genetic code
Science 370, 683
Mar 12Presenter: Shalabh Anand
Paper: DB Liarte, X Mao, O Stenull, and TC Lubensky (2019)
Jamming as a Multicritical Point
Phys. Rev. Lett. 122, 128006
Mar 19Presenter: Jordan Juritz
Templated polymer copying
Mar 26Physics of Life Network seminar series
Michael Levin (Tuft University)
Anatomical decision-making by cellular collectives: Bioelectrical pattern memories, regeneration, and synthetic living organisms
Time: 3-4pm
Apr 9Presenter: Henry Cavanagh
Paper: J C Marques, S. Lackner1, R. Félix and M B Orger (2018)
Structure of the Zebrafish Locomotor Repertoire Revealed with Unsupervised Behavioral Clustering
Current Biology 28, 181
Apr 16Presenter: Robert Endres
Paper: H H Mattingly, K Kamino, B B Machta, and T Emonet
E. coli chemotaxis is information-limited
Preprint: arXiv:2102.11732
Apr 23Presenter: Patrick Jentsch
Paper: O Feinerman, I Pinkoviezky, A Gelblum, E Fonio, and N S Gov (2018)
The physics of cooperative transport in groups of ants
Nature Physics 14, 683
Apr 30Presenter: Luca Cocconi
Paper: G Duclos et al. (2020)
Topological structure and dynamics of three-dimensional active nematics
Science 367, 1120
May 7Presenter: John-Antonio Argydiadis
Paper: F Hinzpeter, U Gerland and F. Tostevin (2017)
Optimal Compartmentalization Strategies for Metabolic Microcompartments
Biophysical Journal 112, 767
May 14Physics of Life Network seminar series
José Onuchic (Rice University)
Energy landscapes, order and disorder, and protein sequence coevolution: From proteins to chromosome structure
Time: 3-4pm
May 21Presenter: Andrew Killeen
Paper: M Takahashi et al. (2021)
Reconciling Flux Experiments for Quantitative Modeling of Normal and Malignant Hematopoietic Stem/Progenitor Dynamics
Stem Cell Reports 16, 741-753
May 28Physics of Life Network seminar series
Lisa Manning (Syracuse University)
How do single cells program collective behavior at the scale of tissues?
Time: 3-4pm
June 4Presenter: Henry Alston
Paper: A. Cavagna et al.
Marginal speed confinement resolves the conflict between correlation and control in natural flocks of birds
Preprint: ArXiv:2101.09748
June 11Presenter: Gunnar Pruessner
Paper: Guo et al.
Play. Pause. Rewind. Measuring local entropy production and extractable work in active matter
Preprint: ArXiv:2105.12707
June 25Presenter: Thibault Bertrand
Paper: N. I. Petridou, B. Corominas-Murtra, C.-P. Heisenberg and E. Hannezo (2021)
Rigidity percolation uncovers a structural basis for embryonic tissue phase transitions
Cell 184, 1914–1928
July 1 & 2 Physics of Emergent Behaviour III: From origin of life to multicellularity (Virtual workshop)
July 9Presenter: Shalabh Anand
Paper: K Morse, et al. (2021)
A direct link between active matter and sheared granular systems
PNAS 118, e2019909118
Sept 3 Presenter: Chiu Fan Lee
Paper: J. Li, et al. (2021)
Role of the Cell Cycle in Collective Cell Dynamics
Sept 10Presenter: Henry Cavanagh
Paper: Mayer A, et al, (2019)
Regulation of T cell expansion by antigen presentation dynamics
PNAS 116, 5914
Sept 17Presenter: Luca Cocconi
Paper: S Mukherjee, et al (2021)
Anomalous Diffusion and Lévy Walks Distinguish Active from Inertial Turbulence
Phys. Rev. Lett. 127, 118001
Oct 1Presenter: Robert Endres
Paper: Yazdani A, Lu L, Raissi M, Karniadakis GE (2020)
Systems biology informed deep learning for inferring parameters and hidden dynamics
PLoS Comput Biol 16: e1007575
Oct 8 Presenter: Patrick Jentsch
Paper: C Pagani and L Canet (2021)
Spatio-temporal correlation functions in scalar turbulence from functional renormalization group
Phys Fluids 33, 065109
Oct 15Physics of Life Network seminar series
Jack Szostak (Harvard University)
Physics and the Origin of Life: From Chirality to Membranes to Information
Time: 3-4pm
Oct 22Presenter: Luca Cocconi
Paper: Yang X, et al. (2021)
Physical bioenergetics: Energy fluxes, budgets, and constraints in cells
PNAS 118, e2026786118
Oct 29Presenter: Keith Willison
Paper: Macro N, et al (2021)
Slowdown of Water Dynamics from the Top to the Bottom of the GroEL Cavity
J. Phys. Chem. Lett. 12, 5723
Nov 5Physics of Life Network seminar series
Gili Bisker (Tel Aviv University)
Nonequilibrium self-assembly and time-irreversibility in living systems
Nov 12Presenter: Henry Alston
Paper: Takayuki Ariga, Keito Tateishi, Michio Tomishige, and Daisuke Mizuno (2021)
Noise-Induced Acceleration of Single Molecule Kinesin-1
Phys. Rev. Lett. 127, 178101
Nov 26Presenter: Ruben Perez-Carrasco
Paper: Karkaria B D, Manhart A, Fedorec A J H, and Barnes C P
Chaos in small microbial communities
bioRxiv 2021.09.06.459097
Dec 3Presenter: Antonio Matas Gil
Paper: Jiang Q, et al (2021)
Neural network aided approximation and parameter inference of non-Markovian models of gene expression
Nat Commun 12, 2618
Dec 10Physics of Life Network seminar series
Pankaj Mehta (Boston University)
Towards a Theory of Microbial Ecosystems
Time: 3-4pm